Online Cancer Consultation Service

You can consult with specialists about your concerns about cancer treatment and life.

I wonder how much it costs for medical care.
It's hard to work while taking anticancer drugs.
I'm worried about raising a child while undergoing treatment.
I wonder if there is any chance that I can get pregnant.

Who should I talk to about this concern I have?
I don't know if there is any place other than a hospital where I can talk about this in a casual way.

Online consultation available 24/7 anonymously.

  • CancerWith is currently available only in Japanese. Please pre-register to receive notification for English version release.

What CancerWith can do for you

CancerWith has the following features

Advisers will respond quickly.

We will reply to all consultations within 48 hours.
During the closed test period, the average response time was within 23 hours.

Advisers are specialists from various fields.

Our team has a multidisciplinary team of experts as advisers. For example, nurses and social workers belong to our team, and professionals who work part-time at the hospital also belong to our team as advisers.

Create a knowledge base.

We will create a knowledge base with data from our cancer consultations. It will be used to improve the efficiency and quality of advisers' replies.

24/7 support.

You can consult with us anytime, 24/7.

Anonymous consultation available.

You can also use anonymously with a nickname only.

Creation of job opportunities.

We create employment opportunities for healthcare professionals. The company has three main goals: adequate compensation packages, an anytime, anywhere work environment, and employment from around the world.

Adviser Introducing

CancerWith Certified Adviser

Only experts who have passed the prescribed screening can be registered as CancerWith adviser. They will reply to your consultation.

Customer Comments

Comments on using online cancer counseling.

Our goal is to create an "online cancer consultation" that has never existed before. And we have had several cancer patients use our service.

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Medical Supervisor: Dr. Noriyuki Katsumata

Professor, Department of Oncology, Musashikosugi Hospital, Nippon Medical School


If you have any questions about CancerWith, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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